When Affirmative Action Can Hurt Education

Is affirmative action really helping those it claims to be empowering? What are the results of a system that means to do well, but is based upon comparisons between cultures, or an upper-crust point of view?

Those who are most vocal about affirmative action are of course the more articulate minority members – the advantaged who speak in the name of the disadvantaged. Their position on the issue may accord with their own personal experience, as well as their own self-interest. But that cannot dismiss the growing evidence that it is precisely the disadvantaged who suffer from affirmative action.

-Thomas Sowell

When a culture decides through spontaneous order, unaware of how to equip its members for success, those “decisions” will be reflected in comparisons with other cultures.

Education is a prime example — cultures that reward high levels of education trend far better than those that do not. This historically held true long before mandatory public schooling was implemented.

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